Reykjanes Peninsula

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The Reykjanes peninsula is marked by active volcanoes and enormous lava fields. Hot springs and sulphur springs are near the incredible lake Kleifarvatn. We visit small and nice fishing towns as well. The “Leif Lucky” bridge is in our way which spans the Álftagjá rift valley, where you travel between the American and Euro-Asian tectonic plates in few steps! The coastline and lighthouse near Reykjanestá is absolutely  worth to visit. What you get in this tour is a landscape like in another planet, lot of fresh air, warm steam from hot springs and lot of surprises.
This tour is available with or without visit to Blue Lagoon

DURATION3 -4 hours
ISK 52,000

*Prices are per vehicle – not per person.
*For additional Isk 15,000 per tour you can add a Blue Lagoon 2 hour visit to the tour since it is located in the Reykjanes peninsula.
*Price does not include admission charge in the Blue Lagoon.


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